Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions our clients has made about our services that will help you clarify why to prefer us.

Why choose us?

Customer Service

You can be sure we will be there to answer your questions and also to capture the best moments.


We have mastered our workflow into a level that we can assure you will carry the photos home with you.


With a large team of professional photographers we can guarantee that we will be available for that special date.


Our photographers will always seek the best shots and exceed your expectations.

Where are you located?

Photopro is leadding brand across the Riviera Maya. We are the Official Wedding Photographers of many resorts and we usually have a Photoshop available 365 days a year from 9:30 to 13:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00.

What makes us different from other photography providers?

  • We have 15 years of experience.
  • We can solve any doubt or situation in person inside the hotel facilities during our Photoshop working hours, and remotely with our Photo Concierge online attention.
  • As Official Wedding Photographers of the resorts we must offer high quality standards.
  • If you choose us you do not have to pay any External Photographer Fee or Day Pass.

How many pictures will be taken?

It depends on the on the required coverage and hired package, because every package includes a certain quantity of photos and hours dedicated by a professional photographer.

It also depends in the number of guests and the weather.

Where will you take our pictures?

We know the  best spots in the resorts, you can be sure we will guide you to take the best pictures for that special day.

How many hours will the photographer stay?

The time your celebration needs and the package you choose. As official Wedding Photography team inside the resorts, we can be there as much as you need.

If you want to know which package suits your needs please Contact us or start a Chat conversation if available.

How long will it take until I receive my photos?

We have mastered our workflow, so we can tell you they will be edited and ready to deliver the next day after the wedding. You must set up an appointment to choose the Master Selection of your photos with the help of one of our wedding photography specialists. After making the selection we will provide you a DVD containing the Master Selection.

Can I have ALL THE PHOTOS of my wedding?

Yes, if your package includes it, otherwise you can have them with an additional cost.

Do we have to choose the package before the wedding?

No, but if you do not choose a package, we will shoot as a starter package, which is called Bronze.

Can I copy or print my pictures by myself in my country?

Yes, the pictures you will receive will be in high resolution an ready to print.


Can I choose the soundtrack of my edited video?

Yes, you can arrange this with the videographer.

What kind of sounds will be on the video? the original or just music?

The video will be edited with some original sounds like ceremony, voices, interviews and speeches, original music background from the getting ready or ceremony.

Can the videographer record by intervals?

No, the service of videography is set to be continuous.

The package does not cover the time I want to cover, Can I add have extra hours?

Yes, with an additional and preferential cost.

How long will it take until I receive my video?

We will do our best to deliver it before you leave, but we guarantee it will be ready 5 days after the end of the service.

If I leave before the 5 day period, how will I get my video?

We will deliver a DVD to your home with and additional cost.

Can I receive the RAW record of my wedding’s video?

No, the service includes the delivery of edited video only. RAW video management is a service we do not provide.

Terms & Conditions

How can I book the picture or video service?

  • Filling our contact form.
  • Using our live chat.
  • Through the resort’s wedding planner.
  • By visiting one of our photoshops inside the resort facilities.

Do I have to make a deposit in order to reserve a date?

Yes a 30% of the package value, some resorts may not apply.

Which payment method can I use?

  • Credit Card (Visa or mastercard)
  • Paypal
  • Travellers check
  • Cash

If I decide to purchase more pictures at home, what shall I do?

Please contact your Photo Concierge.


Can I choose the order of the pictures?

When we place the pictures in the layout we follow a chronological order. Any change in the album order can be made with an additional cost.

Can I choose the layout of the album(s)?

Our layout design team has developed a workflow that can be adapted to many variations such as photo quantity, position kind of portrait and more. Changing the layout to other kind of variations can be made with an additional cost.

Can I choose the cover of the album(s)?

Yes, the day when you meet the photographer to choose the pictures for the Master selection.

What if I need more copies of the albums included in my package?

You can order extra copies with an additional cost, in order to receive identical copies the order has to be made 7 days maximun after the wedding.